13 April 2015

Progress check

I was looking back through my colouring journal and decided to re-colour some of the earlier pieces so I could mark my progress. Image is 'Sounds of the Ocean' by Sureya on DeviantArt, coloured with copics.

And here is my old version:

What can I say? Progress. :D 

and clearly my photography skills have improved too ;)


  1. Both of these are gorgeous but I can see the differences. The newest one is more defined. Great job on both! Awesomeness :)

  2. Both are equally beautiful in their own way xx

  3. WOW...awesome Amy !! Love them both, but of course the 2nd one has much more depth and shading...lovely indeed <3 Hugs

  4. I'd be happy to be able to colour & have mine turn out like either of them. The influence by Alyce is amazing. You'd have to be so proud of your progress. Such great depth & contrast. Epic colouring!

  5. Your before and afters have inspired me to get signed up for the Kit and Clowder classes! The before was beautiful and probably about where I'm at with my coloring..but the after..wow!!! btw, I'm also a new follower of your blog..have a happy day!

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